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Frequently Asked Questions

Students going abroad might find it difficult to adjust to new surroundings. Initially, almost everyone struggles to get accustomed to the new environment, but with time it gets easier. Some students might consider the following as struggles: culture shock, loneliness and homesickness. Some students might say these aren’t struggles because these are all part of growing up.  
if you can get all important documents ready well ahead of time, it will fasten your admissions process and also prevent any last-minute hassles. Usually, documents that are required from students include transcripts, recommendation letters, essays, financial documents and visa application forms.
The admission time is not uniform across all colleges as it is in India. Also, intakes might happen twice in a year. Before submitting the application, you should know about the intake periods so that you can let the counsellor know your preference. Some universities and colleges might have more courses available for the fall intake whereas some might have an equal number of courses available for both fall and spring intake. Though there is no such thing called 'best' intake, you can always speak to the counsellor and explain what your priorities are and likes. 
A statement of purpose (SOP) reflects your purpose of getting a degree abroad and your chance to explain why you want to study in a foreign country. An SOP is carefully studied by most university admission teams since it serves as a gateway to knowing your personality. Hence, it’s quite important you write your SOP in the best way possible. The admissions team will evaluate you based on how you showcase yourself in your writing. Similarly, a letter of recommendation (LOR) is highly important when applying to study abroad because certain universities need someone else to validate your academic merits and professional skills, which helps them in two ways: identify genuine students with a strong passion towards academics or research and select well-deserved candidates. 
No matter however assuring the process is, you would want to speak to students who had already made it abroad and learn about their experience. Our counsellors can put you in touch with Indian students who have earlier studied abroad or are further ahead in the study abroad journey. If connecting with those students will help you gain a better perspective about education abroad, then go ahead and ask this question to your study abroad consultant!
There are many scholarships funded by the college and independent corporates for international students to enable them to study without worrying about the costs incurred. If you are eligible for such scholarships you should ask the consultant beforehand. Many scholarships require you to sit for an entrance test and for some scholarships your application is automatically considered. So in case any additional preparation is required, you should know the details and complete information.
Even though your research may be on point, depending on your career goals and existing profile, the study abroad advisor can give you a host of other courses and country options that you may not have thought about otherwise.  Your counsellor will be in the best position to offer you a course option that will bring out the perfect blend of your existing skills and future professional aspirations.
For taking admission in a foreign university you have to take either IELTS or TOEFL. Some universities even ask for GRE exam to apply in their universities. You should confirm about the exam that you need to take before applying to your desired university.